Wednesday, October 27, 2010


First wow two days in a row!!!

Time seems to be a good topic here of late, like why can baby bug fall asleep at a reasonable time? Or, Why am I sitting her blogging when I have to get the meat loaf in the oven on time.

A good friend was talking about an article he read, that talked about the downsides to some super powers, and he highlighted immortality. Stating that from a child's prospective 30 seems like ages away but to an adult childhood seems like yesterday. (note that statement was paraphrased from his paraphrase.)

What can you remember that seemed like it took forever and what about something that seemed to go by really fast?

It took forever to get to my wedding date, and now it seems like the first year has flown by, I mean it will have been one year since we got married on January 23. Where did it go, well we where anticipating the birth of our baby girl and a move. Now I cant believe that it has been 3 months since she was born, gah and I worry about her sleeping. -sigh-

Meat Loaf is calling.

Check it out, he is a good read and makes you think.

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